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What can I put into a skip?

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What can I put into a skip?

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Whether you’re clearing your home of unwanted items or getting rid of the waste after a garden project, a skip can be the ideal solution. Available in various sizes and highly affordable, they can allow you to remove rubbish from your property quickly and efficiently. However, before you hire the services of a company offering skip hire in Durham and Washington, it’s a good idea to find out what you can and can’t put into a skip. 


Items that can be put in a skip

Skip hire in Washington and Durham is an excellent way to get rid of unwanted items in your home or business premises. You can dispose of most things in a skip as long as they’re not hazardous or harmful to the environment. 

Permitted items include wood, hardened paint, rubble, soil, plastic, polystyrene, cardboard, bricks, metal, garden waste, furniture, food packaging, non-electrical fittings, domestic waste, and even gas cookers. As you can see, the range of items that can easily be disposed of in skips in Durham and Washington is extensive. Therefore, there’s a good chance that skip hire is the right solution for your rubbish removal needs.  

If you want to get rid of something that’s not in this list, it’s a good idea to talk to your skip hire services provider or contact your local council to confirm whether they can be placed in a skip. 


Items that can’t be put into a skip

Some items are restricted due to health and safety regulations, and so you’ll need to find alternative means of disposing of them. Putting prohibited items into a skip could have serious consequences. Not only might the skip hire firm refuse to remove it or charge you significantly more, but it could even result in you being criminally prosecuted. Here are items that definitely don’t belong in a skip. 


Electrical appliances and equipment 

Electrical appliances and equipment such as fridges, freezers, computers, TVs, and dishwashers can’t be put into a skip. Waste electricals (WEEE) should be taken to a WEEE registered recycling facility. If you’re not sure where your nearest recycling centre is, contact your local council and they will let you know. Many recycling companies also offer a collection service from your home, so this is an option if you’re unable to transport it to the plant yourself.


Large batteries 

Large batteries, such as those used in cars, can’t be put into a skip. These batteries contain hazardous chemicals such as lead, and so they need to be recycled using dedicated collection boxes. These boxes can be found in various location, including supermarkets. You can also take large batteries to your local recycling plant. 


Gas Cylinders

Domestic skips in Durham and Washington can’t be used to dispose of gas cylinders, whether they’re full or empty. This is because the remaining contents could be dangerous, and skip hire firms aren’t allowed to handle this waste. Fortunately, there are options for disposing of gas cylinders on your property. Contact the company that provided you with the cylinder and ask them to collect it for you. They may be willing to do this, particularly as they can be refilled and reused. There are also many companies in the North East that recycle used gas cylinders.



Asbestos must never be put into a skip. There are certain laws around this harmful material which means it must be disposed of using specified methods. You can’t reuse or recycle asbestos and it must be removed by specialist contractors. Your local council may be able to collect this hazardous material; but if not, they can probably point you in the direction of companies that do. 


Fuel, paints, and solvents

Fuel, paints, and solvents contain hazardous chemicals and skip hire firms aren’t licensed to dispose of them. These materials are combustible and handling them could even lead to serious chemical burns. They must be taken to licensed waste plants where they can be disposed of properly and safely. If you need to, you can put hardened paint into a skip as it doesn’t pose a risk. 


Medical waste 

Another type of waste that can’t be disposed of in a skip is medical waste which is often produced in healthcare premises, including hospitals, clinics, GP practices, and veterinary practices. Items like needles and biological waste pose a risk of contamination and infection and should be removed by licensed firms who are fully authorised to do so. You can easily find licensed medical waste disposal firms in your area. 




Plasterboard waste is often produced when carrying out home renovations and building work. However, you can’t put this material in a skip, with strict rules on the matter. As with other prohibited items, it’s a case of public safety, with plasterboard containing high amounts of sulphates which can be hazardous. Government initiatives are in place to recycle most plasterboard waste, so it should be taken to specialised recycling centres. 



Disposing of tyres can be a difficult task, with most skips in Durham and Washington unable to take them. In addition, not all councils will allow them to be taken to the local tip either, which often leaves people with a dilemma about how to dispose of them. You could ask the garage where you get your new tyres fitted to recycle them for you, or you could try to find a tyre collector who can collect them from your home. Tyres can be recycled to produce various things such as rubber floors for playgrounds and to construct new roads. 


If you’re looking for a local and reliable company to remove your waste, get in touch with Ward Bros. We provide commercial and domestic skips in Durham and Washington, and we’re always happy to provide advice on what we can and can’t dispose of. Skips of various sizes are on offer, making sure we can cater to a wide range of projects. Contact us today and discuss your requirements with our friendly team. 

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