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Should I hire a skip for New Year’s?

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Should I hire a skip for New Year’s?

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Are you wondering “Should I hire a skip for New Year’s?” If so, you’re certainly not alone. Many people choose to hire skips at this time of year to help them deal with large amounts of waste generated by parties or renovation or decluttering projects. Skip hire can be a fantastic option if you want to get rid of rubbish in an efficient and affordable manner. Read on to find out why hiring a skip for New Year’s is such a good idea. 

Clean up party mess 

If you’re planning on throwing a New Year’s party, hiring a skip can help you deal with the aftermath. Once you’ve finished ringing in 2024, you’ll need to get rid of various types of waste. This could range from empty bottles and food packaging to decorations. Simply throw this rubbish into the skip and let us take it away for you for convenient and ethical disposal. Hosting a New Year’s bash can be a lot of fun, but the clean-up process can be daunting. By hiring a skip, you can make it a whole lot simpler. You can focus on enjoying the celebrations in the knowledge that the mess can be easily dealt with.

Home renovation work  

Many people choose to carry out long overdue DIY projects at this time of year. They delve into tasks such as installing new fixtures, updating flooring, and revamping outdoor spaces. As you can imagine, these types of projects can generate a huge amount of waste which will need to be disposed of efficiently. Hiring a skip can streamline the rubbish disposal process, allowing you to get rid of construction materials, old fittings, debris, and other waste in a highly convenient manner. This not only ensures a tidier and more organised work environment but can make the clean-up process so much easier once the work is completed.


The New Year can be a fantastic time to declutter your home and start afresh. You can reassess your belongings and decide what you do and don’t really need. Hiring a skip provides an easy and efficient way to clear out unwanted items, including furniture, clothes or toys. By decluttering your possessions, you can make more space in your home, creating a more organised and relaxed living environment. 

Avoid hectic trips to the local tip 

Rubbish tips can become incredibly busy around due New Year’s due to people’s increased rubbish disposal needs. This means that visiting the tip during this time can lead to lengthy queues and longer waiting times, both of which can lead to you feeling more than a little frustrated. To avoid these hassles, choose skip hire instead. By hiring a skip, you can dispose of waste without leaving your property, bypassing the rush at the local tip.

Skip hire in Washington

 “Should I hire a skip for New Year’s?” is a common question we get asked here at Ward Bros. The answer is usually yes if you’re carrying out activities that are likely to generate a great deal of waste, such as parties, renovations, or decluttering. To avoid your home looking like a rubbish tip at the start of the New Year, hiring a skip is a smart move. 

At Ward Bros, we’ve been providing skip hire in Washington and the surrounding areas for many years. We’ve become well-known for our professional, affordable services. We supply skips in all sizes to cater to all requirements, ranging from small 3-yard mini skips to much larger 8-yard maxi skips. However much waste your project will generate, you can rest assured that we have a skip to meet your needs. We can even help you acquire a skip permit for your project if necessary. Our team will liaise with your local council to obtain permission for you to place the skip on a public road or pavement. 

Recycling Services in DurhamWhen should I book a skip for New Year’s? 

Don’t delay booking a skip for New Year’s. Demand for skip hire in Washington and throughout the Northeast tends to rise considerably at this time of year as people look to dispose of rubbish generated by parties, renovation work and decluttering. To ensure you can secure the skip size you need and ensure timely delivery, we recommend booking as early as possible, ideally several weeks in advance. This makes sure you don’t face availability struggles or miss out on hiring the skip you need to help you dispose of New Year’s waste efficiently. 

What size skip should I hire for New Year’s? 

The skip size you’ll need for New Year’s will depend on the amount and type of waste you anticipate your project generating. For a small party or DIY project that’s likely to produce minimal waste, a 4-yard or 6-yard skip might be adequate. However, if you’re hosting a big celebratory bash or extensive renovation work, you may need a significantly larger skip to cater to the greater quantity of rubbish. 

At Ward Bros, we can help you choose the right size skip for your project, ensuring it’s large enough to handle the amount of waste you need to dispose of. We recommend choosing a bigger skip than you think you need since this can help avoid overfilling the skip. Overfilling a skip can present significant safety hazards during transportation and could even lead to additional charges.

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