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Waste Hierarchy

Reduce. Re-Use. Recycle. Recover. Dispose.

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Waste Hierarchy in Durham & Gateshead

Years of experience working in waste disposal

As experts in the waste disposal industry, we take our work and commitment to the wellbeing of the environment seriously. In light of this, we always adhere to the Waste Hierarchy regulations (2012) framework. This outlines the process that is required in order for us to carry out the most efficient waste management services throughout Durham and Washington. Furthermore, this includes the collection, transportation, recovery and disposal of the waste.  Also, adhering to these regulations gives you peace of mind knowing that we are disposing of all your materials in the correct manner.  We aim to recycle as much as possible and this, in turn, helps the environment.

Please find below a full explanation of the Waste Hierarchy and also what it entails.


Although we cannot physically have an impact on the amount of waste our clients produce, we can and do liaise with them on a regular basis to offer them advice and guidance on how they can reduce their waste.

We achieve this by reviewing individual working practices and working alongside them to implement waste minimisation strategies.


An efficient waste disposal method that we implement ourselves is the reclamation of materials. This can include anything from unwanted rubble and hardcore to excess wood, bricks or concrete. Our trained experts will adhere to a strict framework. This is done in order to trace the origin of the material/product, to know it is safe to be recycled, rather than disposed of.

Waste management & the waste hierarchy

Years of experience working in waste disposal


Recycling waste is a sustainable way to help put perfectly reusable materials back into the material supply chain. A surprisingly large amount of products and materials can be reused, and at Ward Brothers we aim to recycle as much of your waste as possible, helping you lower your carbon footprint in a cost-effective way.


In the most technical stage of the process, we will transform your unwanted waste into energy. This process includes incineration with energy recovery and gasification to produce energy in the form of power, heat and fuel. We can discuss these options with you in further detail, and how you can recover energy from your waste.


If the material cannot be recycled and needs to be completely disposed of, we come to this as a last resort.

A typical example of this being the disposal of asbestos. As a hazardous material, asbestos will always require landfill and special chemical treatment.


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