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What can I use recycled rubble and hardcore for?

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What can I use recycled rubble and hardcore for?

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Managing a building project can be incredibly challenging, especially when you consider what you’ll do with all the waste that’s created during the construction phase. Fortunately, it’s possible to reuse much of it, with both rubble and hardcore recyclable. Often, they are ideal for groundworks for either roads or driveways. If you’re wondering “What can I use recycled rubble and hardcore for?”, read on. 

What are rubble and hardcore?

What can I use recycled rubble and hardcore for?

Hardcore refers to the mass of solid materials used to raise levels, fill in irregularities in excavations and create a level and firm base for heavy load-bearing stone and concrete surfaces to be laid. This can include driveways and paving as well as foundations for garage floors and even roads. Often, it’s used on its own to create temporary roads on building sites. Hardcore consists of large aggregates, including materials such as construction waste. Tiles, quarry waste, and other crushed rock and gravel may also be suitable as hardcore.

Rubble, is broken stone, of irregular shape, size, and texture and can be a good hardcore material if clean and graded. However, care must be taken if it contains gypsum as it could raise the risk of sulphate attack. Bricks and broken tiles are useful but if there’s a lack of fine materials, they may be more difficult to compact. 

How are rubble and hardcore recycled?

If you’re wondering “What can I use recycled rubble and hardcore for?”, keep reading. Many building materials are suitable for reuse in other construction projects. Old bricks that are still in good condition are especially sought after since they can be used for repairing and renovating buildings that are protected under conservation laws. They can also be useful for constructing landscaping projects such as outdoor barbecues, raised paving or garden paths. Construction waste is incredibly versatile and can have many different uses.

Broken materials, including rubble, concrete slabs, bricks and ceramics, can be crushed and then sold, or given away as hardcore for constructing roads. They could also be used as a coarse aggregate for concrete or filler material in other building projects.

Can I take rubble and hardcore to the tip?

Hardcore & Rubble in Durham

When it comes to construction, sustainability has become an incredibly important issue. Building sites generate huge quantities of waste every day. Therefore, it’s vital that companies dispose of it in a way that minimises the impact on the environment. The trouble is that building waste is notoriously difficult to dispose of. This is largely due to the weight and quantities involved. 

Construction waste is often very heavy and difficult to transport. Fortunately, rubble, hardcore and most other building waste materials can go to recycling centres and be given a second life. This is fantastic news for those construction companies that are keen to maintain their green credentials. 

However, keep in mind that local recycling centres will often only accept smaller amounts produced by domestic projects. Many have placed strict restrictions on the amount of building waste you can tip there. Therefore, if you need to dispose of larger amounts, you should contact your local authority. They will provide you with advice on where to take it. Alternatively, you can contact a waste management company that can dispose of the rubble and hardcore in an eco-friendly manner. 

Industrial skip hire services for construction waste

Skip hire companies will usually be happy to take away construction materials from your site. At Ward Bros, we provide industrial skip hire across the northeast. We can take away large quantities of hardcore and rubble in Durham and Washington. Our builders skips, maxi skips or RORO skips are ideal, offering a convenient and affordable way to recycle this waste.

Our waste management services include the recycling of rubble and hardcore. We offer a full waste reclamation service. At our waste transfer station, we’ll start by separating the items from other components which may be in the skip, such as plastic. We’ll then strip the materials back to their original state and reuse them.

At Ward Bros, we aim to recycle as much waste as we can, reducing the amount that ends up in a landfill. Our specialist knowledge and top of the range equipment allow us to recycle rubble and hardcore as efficiently as possible.

Many construction companies hire Ward Bros to recycle their rubble and hardcore in Washington and Durham. Not only do we provide professional and convenient industrial skip hire services, but our prices are also amongst the most competitive in the region. We offer skips of all sizes, catering to a wide variety of needs. Whether you need a mini, midi, maxi or RORO skips for your construction project, look no further than Ward Bros. We can provide you with a competitive quote for the skip hire service you require. 

Get expert advice today

If you’re not sure how to dispose of the rubble and hardcore produced on your construction site, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We can offer you expert advice, helping you to make eco-friendly and cost-conscious decisions for your company. We’ve been providing reclamation services for hardcore and rubble for many years. 

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At Ward Bros, many people ask us “What can I use recycled rubble and hardcore for?”. This goes to show that construction companies are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact of building materials on the environment. To dispose of your building waste in an eco-friendly manner, contact our friendly team. Call us on 0191 666 0167 or send us a message via our website. We can answer any questions you have about recycling hardcore and rubble in Durham, Washington or beyond.


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