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What can’t you put into a skip?

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What can’t you put into a skip?

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Hiring a skip is the ideal way to dispose of large quantities of waste. You can simply throw it into the skip and once you are finished, your skip hire company will take it away for you. The process couldn’t be simpler. However, it’s important to bear in mind that not all rubbish can be thrown into a skip. Some items are prohibited and must be disposed of in a different way. Read on to find out what can’t you put into a skip. 

What items should you not put into a skip? Skips in Bishop Aukland

You can throw everything from wood, garden waste and clothes to bricks, concrete, and rubble into a skip. Whilst the list of permitted items is lengthy, you need to consider which items are prohibited. Items which can’t be thrown into a skip are often referred to as hazardous. This means they may cause damage to the environment or harm the health of individuals. Don’t risk throwing banned items into a skip since this could mean your skip hire company will refuse to take it away. You may need to remove the items, which can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming in some cases. Keep reading to learn what can’t you put into a skip. 

Hazardous items

Hazardous items such as asbestos, gas cylinders and batteries can’t be disposed of in a skip. This is because they are dangerous not just to the environment but to human health. You’ll need to find another way to dispose of these items safely. You could contact professionals who specialise in their disposal or contact your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. 

Asbestos is particularly harmful due to the serious health problems it can cause. If people are exposed to this material without protection, they’re at greater risk of developing lung disease and cancer. Therefore, if you have asbestos to get rid of, please find an alternate means of disposal.

Electrical Items

Electrical items such as fridges, dishwashers, microwaves and TVs can’t be thrown into a skip. The reason for this is that they may be a potential hazard and must be disposed of in a safer manner. Instead, take them to a registered WEEE recycling centre in your area where they will be recycled safely. 

Medical waste

Since medical waste can be harmful to human health, it needs specialist disposal. Instead of being thrown into a skip, it must be handled with extreme care. Medical waste includes items like syringes, needles, and other ‘sharps’ such as lancets and scalpels, medicines, wound dressings, swabs, and soiled personal protective equipment (PPE). Some councils can collect and dispose of medical waste. 

Skip Hire in WashingtonPaint 

Paint is one of the few items that can’t be disposed of in a skip. Liquid paint isn’t accepted by the council either. You might be tempted to pour it down the drain, however, this isn’t an option either due to the damage it can cause to the environment. The good news is that you can put solidified paint in skips. Therefore, the best option may be to simply wait for the paint to dry and then enlist our skip hire service. 


Plasterboard isn’t allowed in general mixed waste skips. This is because it’s a hazardous material to dispose of as it can generate toxic fumes. Some skip hire companies may be able to take very small amounts of plasterboard (you’ll need to ask for permission), but larger quantities will usually need to be disposed of via another means.  


Since tyre disposal is such a cumbersome task, most skip hire companies don’t allow you to put them into skips. Fortunately, there are several organisations that will happily take your tyres off your hands in order to recycle them. Often, they’re turned into other products such as rubber flooring for playgrounds. 

What happens if I put prohibited items in a skip? 

Some people think that put banned items into a skip is no big deal. However, there are likely to be consequences. For example, your skip hire company may refuse to take away your skip. You may need to remove the items from it before they will take it away from your site. This can be highly inconvenient and could cause significant delays to your project. In some cases, you may be required to pay extra, bringing the total cost of skip hire up significantly. If you want to ensure that the skip hire process goes smoothly from start to finish, it’s a good idea to only put permitted items in your skip. 

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