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What is a RORO skip?

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What is a RORO skip?

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Have you been wondering “What is a RORO skip?”. If so, you’re in the right place. A RORO skip is also known as a roll-on, roll-off skip. These skips are large containers that are used to dispose of large volumes of waste. They are ideal for construction sites as well as a variety of other commercial settings. Keep reading to find out more about RORO skips. 

What exactly is a RORO skip?

A RORO skip can be regarded as a truck attachment. These large containers are designed to be rolled on and off transport trucks. As the skips are so big, they need to be stored off-road. This makes them perfect for commercial usage. They are often hired during large construction projects but can also come in handy when home builds and renovations are being carried out. If you are a domestic customer who wishes to hire a RORO skip, just make sure you have sufficient space available on your premises as you won’t normally be able to keep it on the road.

What are the main advantages of using RORO skips?What is a roll-on roll-off (RORO) skip?

Using a RORO skip comes with a host of advantages.  One of the biggest advantages of using a RORO skip is that it can carry huge volumes of waste. This enables you to save a great deal of time and money. A RORO skip also helps you to cut the cost of transporting waste as you won’t need to keep transporting it back and forth. There is more pressure than ever on companies to reduce their carbon footprints. As you’ll be making fewer journeys whilst dealing with waste, you won’t need to consume so much fuel. Another great reason to use a roll-on, roll-off skip is that it will help you minimise waste hazards and debris on your site. You will have a designated location to dispose of all your waste once a RORO skip is available.

What to consider when hiring a RORO skip

Although a RORO skip can benefit you in a number of ways, there are several things you need to consider before you go ahead and hire one. One of the main things you’ll need to think about is space. Do you have enough capacity available to store your RORO skip? You’ll need to ensure there’s enough space on your site for the delivery vehicle as well as the skip itself. RORO skips normally come in sizes of 20 to 40 cubic yards. Make sure your employees will be able to carry out their normal daily tasks once your skip has arrived on your site. If you’re not quite sure how big you need your skip to be, you can get in touch with us for guidance.

Do RORO skips come in different sizes? 

Yes. RORO skips are available in a number of sizes between 20 and 40 yards. The largest RORO skips are able to hold around 440 waste bags. 20-yard RORO skips can accommodate approximately 220 bags.

How much will I pay to hire a RORO skip?

The price that you will pay to hire a RORO skip will depend on various factors. These include the size of the skip itself and how long you want to keep it.

Can a RORO skip make my project safer?

A RORO skip can make a construction project safer as it helps you to keep your site clean and tidy. The skips can make the loading and management of waste much simpler and mean your site gets cleared more quickly. The skips come complete with tipper doors. This means unloading can take place without any requirement for lifting equipment. RORO skips make the process of dealing with heavy, bulky waste much more straightforward. Once a RORO skip is on your site, you’ll need fewer bins and therefore fewer collections.

Skips in DurhamWhat can go inside a RORO skip?

One of the reasons RORO skips have become so popular is that they can be used to store a wide range of non-hazardous materials. RORO skips are often used to store hardcore including bricks, rubble and masonry plus sand, topsoil and gravel. You can also use these skips to dispose of furniture, plastic, bathroom fittings, cardboard and glass. In fact, you can put virtually anything inside one of these skips as long as it fits and isn’t hazardous. Just avoid overloading your skip as you could find yourself breaking loading regulations.

Who can supply me with RORO skips in Washington?

If you are interested in hiring RORO skips in Washington and have been wondering “what is a RORO skip?”, talk to us today. At Ward Bros Skip Hire Services, we offer excellent prices and fast delivery on RORO skips. This means you can get the right solution in place in no time at all. We have many years of waste disposal experience behind us. You can count on us to collect and deliver your skip on time, every time. If you do need any advice on hiring the right skip for your specific needs, we are always here for you.

Perhaps you need access to another type of skip in Washington or one of the surrounding towns or cities? If so, we can supply you with mini skips, midi skips and maxi skips. We’re able to provide skips for all kinds of projects. We can help whether you’re a commercial or residential customer looking for RORO skips in Washington.

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