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What is the difference between commercial and domestic skips? 

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What is the difference between commercial and domestic skips? 

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Skips serve a range of purposes for commercial and domestic customers. However, what a business needs from a skip can be very different from what a domestic customer requires. Read on to learn more about the key differences between commercial and domestic skip hire in Durham. 

Key reasons for hiring a skip in Durham

If you have never hired a skip before, you may be wondering what the key benefits of skip hire are and what kind of service to opt for. There are many different skip sizes available to you to meet a host of needs. Many people hire skips because they are renovating their home or business premises and need a clear-out or simply because they have accumulated a great deal of waste over time and require an easy way to dispose of it. Whatever the case, we can come to your assistance if you do need quality skips in Durham. 

Ideal for waste storage

One of the key benefits of hiring a skip is that it gives you a single location to store your waste before someone takes it away from you. The main difference between commercial and domestic skip hire is that business customers normally need a bigger skip than residential clients. Skips are normally measured in cubic yards. Each cubic yard will store around the equivalent of ten bin bags. It’s essential to note that it is illegal to overfill your skip. Make sure the skip that you hire is big enough to accommodate the waste that you are disposing of. 

Get the right skips

If you hire a skip that’s too small for your needs, you may need to order another skip for the rest of the waste. This can result in spending more than you need to. If you aren’t sure what size to opt for, we can come to visit you to assess your needs and help you make the right choice. You may also need a permit before you can hire a skip. We can assist you with this if you do need help with the application process. 

Domestic skip hire in Durham

Homeowners may require skips for various reasons. Our residential clients often hire skips because they are renovating their homes, have started a DIY project or are relocating. Garden landscaping can also require the use of a skip. Most residential or domestic skips are up to 8 cubic yards in size. These tend to be categorised as mini-skips that measure between 2-4 cubic yards or midi-skips with capacities of 6 – 8 cubic yards. One way to derive more value from your skip is to crush, split or break bulky items down. 

Commercial skip hire in Durham

Commercial skips are often needed when businesses start large construction projects, decide to relocate or need a general clearout. They are also used during renovations and demolitions. Commercial skips can offer capacities of up to 30 cubic yards. Maxi skips are around 8 -16 yards in size, though roll on roll of skips can offer a maximum of 30. If you need a particularly large skip, you may have to meet council restrictions. Today businesses need to work harder to meet regulations on waste disposal. Thankfully, we can recycle the vast majority of the waste left in our skips so you can remain compliant. 

What can and can’t I store in a skip? 

Skips can be used to collect all sorts of items and materials ranging from windows, doors and furniture to old toles, concrete, bricks, plastic, wood and almost everything in between. However, there are some items that you cannot place in a skip for legal reasons. We can assist you if you’re not sure what you can and cannot place in a skip. 

Do I need a licence for my skip in Durham? 

When it comes to licencing, you won’t normally require a licence if the skip is being left on private land. If you need to place your skip in a public area such as a road, you will need to meet certain regulations and get the right permit. We can help you ensure you’re acting in a wholly compliant manner so you can avoid fines and other penalties. 

Compliance and convenience

Skips cannot be left on pavements. Although it’s essential to leave your skip in a legally-permitted area, it’s also important to place it somewhere that’s easily accessible and convenient. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you do need more advice on the best place to keep your skip. If you put your skip somewhere that’s difficult to access, your project may take much longer than it needs to. 

Why choose us? 

At Ward Bros, we have years of experience behind us when it comes to skip hire and waste management. You can count on us to deliver and collect your skip on time and to charge some of the most competitive prices on the market. Our affordable prices never mean compromising on quality. There are many different skip sizes to choose from. This means we are always able to provide the services that our customers are looking for. No matter how big or small your project is, we are confident we can cater for you. 

Long and short-term skips in Durham

We are able to provide skips for long and short-term hire. Many of our customers have been with us for many years, having opted for our skip hire and waste management services time and time again. We can also take responsibility for your waste and dispose of it on your behalf, recycling as much as we realistically can. Handling your own waste can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful. Let us deal with your waste so can avoid the complexity of removing it from your site. 

Find out more about commercial and domestic skips in Durham

Why not get in touch with us today for more information on commercial skip hire in Durham? Whether you need commercial or domestic skips in Durham, you can count on Ward Bros to meet your expectations. We are only a phone call or email away whenever you have a query. If you need swift access to a skip, this is no problem. We can offer same-day and next-day drop-off and pick up services so you can get your project moving right away. 


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