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What is the most popular skip size?

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What is the most popular skip size?

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Have you been wondering “What is the most popular skip size”? If so, continue reading. In this guide, we’ll tell you what the most commonly chosen skip sizes are and let you know about the various kinds of options available to you. This will help you come to an informed decision on what to opt for when you’re considering hiring a skip.

The most commonly hired skip

The skip size that people seem to opt for most frequently is the 6-yard skip or the ‘6-yarder’. This kind of skip is ideal for the kind of DIY projects that you might carry out at home. 6-yarders are also great for domestic residential projects. These might include when you’re having a large bathroom or a medium-sized kitchen removed. This is the kind of skip you’re most likely to see when you’re wandering around your local neighbourhood. It can hold the contents of around 40 to 55 bin bags. Some of the other popular types of skips include 4 yards, 8 yards and 12 yards. We will talk more about these later.

How can I choose the right skip for my specific needs?

Skips in Bishop Aukland

Before you go ahead and hire a skip, you’ll need to work out what your specific needs are. Think very carefully about how much you need your skip to hold. It may be tempting to hire a smaller skip to save money. However, this won’t serve you well if you simply have too much waste to fit in your skip. You may find yourself spending more than necessary once you realise you need an additional skip. Skips come in a host of sizes. Hiring a large skip can mean getting exceptional value for money as long as you have enough waste to fill it. Finding out about the various skips available to you can help you decide which skip to order. We are more than happy to provide the guidance you require if you do need help identifying the right kind of skip for your needs.

What are yards in terms of skips?

When people talk about the volume of skips, they normally refer to yards. This is short for ‘cubic yards’. A cubic yard is the equivalent of 3 feet high x 3 feet wide x 3 feet deep. A cubic yard is normally enough capacity for a couple of washing machines or dishwashers. It can also hold a typical fridge-freezer.

How useful is a 2-yard mini skip?

This kind of skip used to be very popular amongst those seeking to dispose of a modest amount of rubble. However, it’s now more common for people to use “man with van” services when they need to get rid of this amount of waste. These skips aren’t often seen on residential streets very often these days.

The 4-yard midi skip

What is the most popular skip size?

The 4-yard midi skip remains particularly popular amongst the customers of the UK. This skip might be ideal for you if you’re refurbishing a small bathroom or kitchen and can hold the equivalent of around 25-35 bin bags.

The 8-yard skip

This 8-yard skip has also remained very popular over recent years. It could be right for you if you have a considerable amount of heavy waste to dispose of. This could include rubble, soil and concrete. These skips are often used for residential renovation and refurbishment projects. They are also particularly popular amongst people in charge of shop renovations and office clearances. An 8-yard skip can hold between 60 to 75 bin bags. This kind of skip is frequently referred to as a “builders’ skip”.

What can I do with a 12-yard maxi skip?

This kind of skip could be the right match for your needs if you have a larger refurbishment project to manage, or if you’re clearing a bigger house or office. Although it can hold between 90 and 110 bn bags, it is not suitable for heavy waste including soil and bricks because of the limitations of the skip lorry used to transport it. You may not be able to place a 12-yard skip on the road outside your home due to council rules. This means you’ll need to ensure there is enough room for this kind of skip on your driveway or in your garden if you want to hire one.

Why are skips so popular? 

Skips are incredibly popular amongst home and business owners in the UK for various reasons. These include their versatility. The fact there are so many options to choose from means they are suitable for a whole host of renovation projects.

Who can help me if I need skip hire in Washington?

Ward Bros is a leading source for skip hire in Washington. We are one of the North East’s most popular skip hire services, and you can count on us to deliver and collect your skip on time. Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure which kind of skip you need, as we can provide all the guidance that you require. We specialise in providing you with affordable skips, and we have solutions to suit a wide range of projects. We can provide you with mini skips, midi skips, maxi skips and roll-on, roll-off skips for larger projects. Help is available whether you need a skip for a residential or commercial project.

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