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Where does all my rubbish go? [Infographic]

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Where does all my rubbish go? [Infographic]

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Many people use skip hire in Durham and Washington to dispose of their rubbish in an easy and efficient manner. Hiring a skip to get rid of waste is popular and highly convenient. However, you may be wondering where does all my rubbish go after it’s taken away by a skip hire company. Protecting the environment is more crucial than ever. Therefore, it’s important to know that it’s being handled in an eco-friendly manner. Read on to find out where all your rubbish ends up.



Where does all my rubbish go

What happens to my waste?

What happens to the waste you throw away largely depends on the company you hire your skip from. At Ward Bros, we transport your waste to our waste transfer station. We then extract and recycle as many reusable materials as possible. We recycle nearly all the waste we collect. Our team do all we can to protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste which goes to landfill. Our team adhere to all the latest government legislation regarding waste management. We ensure that we comply with the waste hierarchy directive. Introduced to UK law in 2008, this ensures that we follow the correct procedures when disposing of waste. Not all skip hire companies are renowned for their green credentials. So, it’s a good idea to find out more about their waste management protocols before hiring their services.

The waste transfer station sorting process

The sorting process varies between companies, depending on their facilities, ethics, and budget. However, it usually involves waste being tipped into a large pile and then sorted into different categories. The company will remove and dispose of larger items separately. Labour-intensive methods such as handpicking or highly mechanised processes are used to sort through the remaining pile. Mechanised sorting often involves equipment like trammels, which are rotating mesh screens which debris of different sizes can fall through; blowers to blow any light waste into a separate area, and magnets to remove any metals.

Landfills and their effect on the environment

Any waste that isn’t recycled or reused needs to go somewhere, and this is usually a landfill site. Landfill sites are often created from a void made by quarrying. Alternatively, they may form part of a land reclamation scheme. Several layers of linings are installed to seal up the base of the site to prepare the land before waste is deposited. Landfill sites contain household and commercial rubbish. Household waste usually consists of organic matter, including food, plastic and tin packaging, cardboard, paper, and wood. Much of the commercial waste sent to landfill is a result of building work, largely consisting of soil, concrete, and brick rubble.

Why are landfill sites bad?

You might be wondering why landfill sites are bad, particularly as there are over 500 of them across the UK. Not only are they ugly and create eyesores across the country, but they’re also a huge source of pollution. The rubbish buried in landfills creates toxins and greenhouses gases – both of which are bad news for the environment. Electronic appliances like TVs and computers often release toxins such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and even arsenic. They seep into the soil and become environmental hazards for many years.

Landfills also produce huge amounts of greenhouse gases, which are an even bigger threat to the environment. Organic matter like food scraps and green waste are covered up and compacted down when thrown into a landfill. This removes the oxygen and creates methane. Methane is a potent gas that not only affects human health but contributes greatly to global warming. Methane is the second-largest contributor to human-produced global warming after CO2.

You might think that this isn’t a real problem since the rubbish will deteriorate eventually, However, the waste buried in landfill sites breaks down incredibly slowly, which means it remains a big problem for future generations.

Choose an ethical skip hire company

At a time when protecting the environment is more important than ever, it’s vital to work with an ethical company when hiring skips in Washington or Durham. When you hire a reputable local company like Ward Bros to get rid of your waste, you can rest assured that it will be disposed of properly. After collecting your waste from your home or commercial premises, we’ll take it directly to our waste transfer station where we’ll aim to extract as many reusable materials as possible. Our state of the art on-site recycling facilities allow us to direct as much waste from landfill as possible. At the same time, we remain compliant with all government legislation.

Reduce the risk of fly-tipping

Hiring Ward Bros to dispose of your waste means you can eliminate the risk of fly-tipping. Unfortunately, rubbish isn’t always handled responsibly. Some unethical companies will fly-tip your waste, disposing of it illegally on to land that doesn’t have a licence to accept it. They often do this to avoid the cost of disposing of the waste through the proper channels. Unlawfully dumped waste can be traced back to you. You could then receive a hefty fine. As such, it’s important to make sure you choose a company that holds the correct license for waste disposal. At Ward Bros, we supply fully licensed skips in Durham and Washington, catering to both domestic and commercial requirements. We can also assist with helping you acquire a permit for your skip should you need to place it on a public road. 

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Get in touch to discuss your skip hire needs. Call us on 0191 666 0167 to talk to one of our friendly team. You can also send us a message via our website. Ward Bros is based in Langley Moor, but we serve customers throughout Durham, Washington, and the whole of the northeast. We offer a dependable and eco-friendly skip hire you can rely on. 

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