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Why hiring a skip is better than going to the tip

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Why hiring a skip is better than going to the tip

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Do you need to get rid of large amounts of rubbish? If so, you may be wondering whether to take it to the local tip or hire a skip in Durham. Whilst heading to the tip can seem the most cost-effective option, it’s not always the best idea. Skip hire offers many benefits that make it appealing to both domestic and commercial customers. We take a look at, “Why hiring a skip is better than going to the tip”

Why is it better to hire a skip than going to the tip?

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One of the biggest reasons to hire a skip rather than heading to your nearest tip is convenience. If you have a large amount of rubbish to dispose of, this will require multiple trips to the tip. You’ll need to load up your vehicle and make repeated journeys, which can be incredibly arduous and time-consuming. 

Hiring a skip is much more convenient. You won’t even need to leave your property to get rid of your waste. You can simply throw it into the skip outside your premises. Once you’ve finished loading your waste, the skip hire company will take it away.


Tips are considered a cheaper option when compared with skips. However, if you consider the cost of the fuel your vehicle requires to make the trips and the amount of time it takes to load up the waste, dump it, return to your property, and then repeat the process again and again, it can end up costing you a lot of money. This may especially be the case if you’re getting rid of commercial waste and taking time out of your working day to head to the tip. Downtime can hit your business’s bottom line hard and it may end up being more cost-efficient to hire a skip.

Besides, professional skip hire in Durham doesn’t have to cost the earth. Many people are surprised when they receive a skip hire quote, with the figure often being a lot more reasonable than they anticipated. At Ward Bros, we provide a low-cost skip hire service that represents excellent value for money.

No damage to your vehicle 

Domestic Skips in Durham

Let’s face it, getting rid of waste is a messy job. So, if you’re transporting it to the local tip in your car, you can be certain that it will leave its mark on its vehicle’s interiors. Dirty or dusty waste will find its way into the upholstery of the vehicle and may even damage it permanently. Green waste can be a big problem in particular. Bags of mud, grass cuttings, slimy leaves, and even insects aren’t the best things to be transporting in your car! 

Tears and holes in the seats are a possibility too, especially if you’re moving metal waste. After spending the whole day making multiple tip trips, you’ll need to relax and recuperate. You don’t want to spend it getting stains and smells out of your car!  

No need to separate the waste yourself 

When you hire a skip, you won’t need to separate the waste yourself. After we collect your skip, we’ll do that for you at our waste transfer station. In comparison, when you take your rubbish to the tip yourself, you’ll need to spend time separating items into the correct sections to make sure you put them into the right containers. 

The list of items you can put into a skip is vast. Whilst there are some prohibited items, such as fridges, paints, fuel, and medical waste, you’ll find that the majority of rubbish can be thrown into a skip. Some of the items that are allowed in a skip include wood, furniture, tiles, paper and cardboard, clothes, garden waste, bricks, metals, concrete, and rubble. So, whether you’re clearing out your cupboards to get rid of unwanted possessions or you’re carrying out building or renovation work, a skip can easily meet your rubbish disposal needs. When deciding whether to use a skip or a tip, keep in mind that there are some items that tips won’t accept. These include soil and hardcore, commercial waste, and vehicle parts.

No long wait times

Hiring skips in Durham is the better choice if you don’t like waiting in long queues. Wait times at local tips have always been lengthy, particularly on weekends. However, they’ve become even more so in recent months due to the recent lockdown measures. Durham County Council says that although you don’t need to book an appointment to use one of their tips, you should expect long wait times. 

You can avoid waiting in queues when you choose to hire a skip instead. Ward Bros will bring your skip to your home or business premises at a time that’s convenient for you. We provide same or next day skip delivery and collection, ensuring you don’t need to wait any longer than necessary. A reliable and efficient service is assured when you hire a reputable skip hire company like Ward Bros. 

Many skip placement options 

When you choose a skip hire service, your skip will be left right outside your home for your convenience. Many people think they can’t hire a skip because they can’t leave it on a public road, however, this isn’t always true. You can put a skip either on the road or pavement outside your property so long as you’ve obtained a permit from your local council. You may not think that your street or property is big enough to accommodate a skip, however, you may be surprised. At Ward Bros, we have skips in many different sizes, catering to a wide range of needs and premises. You can rest assured that we have the ideal skip for your waste disposal needs.


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We hope that this has answered the question, “Why hiring a skip is better than going to the tip”. Getting rid of waste is never a fun task, but it becomes a whole lot easier when you hire commercial or domestic skips in Durham. Not only is it much more convenient and requires a lot less effort, but in some cases, it’s more cost-effective too. For a competitive skip hire quote, call Ward Bros on 0191 666 0167.  Alternatively to can e-mail us here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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