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Why Recycling Paper Is So Important

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Why Recycling Paper Is So Important

Years of experience working in the waste disposal

In a world where making eco-conscious decisions has become increasingly important. We can’t overstate the significance of recycling. Paper, in particular, needs handling in an ethical manner. At Ward Bros, we aim to recycle as much paper and cardboard as possible. Saving it from ending up in landfills where it can cause harm to the planet over time. Read on to find out why recycling paper is so important. 

Reducing landfill overflow

Paper waste often ends up in landfills, often due to people throwing it out with regular trash. Additionally, paper that has food waste, grease or other substances on it, may not be suitable for recycling. As such, paper can be a real burden on landfills. Which are already bursting with other types of waste. Huge quantities of this material exist in local landfills. By recycling paper instead, we can divert paper from these sites, reducing overall landfill usage whilst mitigating the harmful environmental impacts.

Protecting the environment Why should we recycle?

In landfills, paper decomposes anaerobically, causing it to produce methane gas. Methane is a greenhouse gas which can contribute to climate change and global warming. Paper can also create leachate as it decomposes in landfills. This is a toxic liquid that forms as water passes through the waste over time. Leachate contains harmful chemicals from decomposing materials, posing a risk of contaminating groundwater and nearby soil if not managed properly. Paper may not seem to be particularly harmful to the environment at first glance, but large quantities of it in landfills can have serious consequences. 

Conserving valuable resources 

When considering why recycling paper is so important, think about resources. Recycling paper helps to conserve valuable resources. With the process requiring much less water, energy, and other raw materials than making new paper. Pulping and refining wood to create paper demands substantial energy, including the energy needed to fell trees, transport logs, and operate paper mills. Recycling paper reduces the need for these energy-intensive processes since it doesn’t require the extraction, transportation, or processing of raw materials. Each tonne of recycled paper saves around 17 trees, reducing the strain on the nation’s forests. 

Hire mini skips in Washington

When you hire our mini skips in Washington, you can rest assured that we’ll manage your paper waste in an ethical manner. We’ll aim to recycle as much paper as we can, turning it into new products rather than leaving it rotting away in a local landfill. We have skips available to cater to all volumes of paper waste, ranging from small 4-yard skips to huge RORO skips. 

Ward Bros has worked with many commercial clients to recycle large amounts of paper. These include office-based businesses that generate significant amounts of paper waste in the form of documents and reports; printing and publishing companies; educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities; and retail stores that deal with a great of packaging materials.

We provide a highly convenient skip hire service for our customers in Washington and across the northeast. We can provide a same-day or next-day service in many cases, allowing you to begin your project straight away. Our team can assist with acquiring a permit for your skip if required, allowing you to place it on a public road or pavement. We’ll liaise with your local council in this regard, making sure you receive the permit as soon as possible.

Recycling Paper DurhamCommitted to responsible waste management 

As the need to protect the health of the planet becomes ever more urgent, it’s vital to choose a skip hire company that is committed to responsible waste management. The days of disposing of our waste in any way we see fit are long gone. A reputable skip hire company understands the crucial role it plays in protecting our environment and upholds strict standards of waste management. At Ward Bros, we actively promote recycling when dealing with our customers’ waste, striving to divert as much paper waste as possible from landfills. 

The paper recycling process

The process of recycling paper involves several steps, including: 

  • Separating and sorting. Firstly, the wastepaper is separated into different types and grades of paper, with any contaminants such as plastics and metals being removed at this point. 
  • Shredding and pulping. The paper is then shredded into small pieces and mixed with water to create a pulp. This pulp is then heated and treated with chemicals to break down the fibres and remove any remaining ink or contaminants. 
  • Screening and de-inking. During this stage, the pulp passes through screens to remove larger particles before undergoing cleaning, including removing any traces of ink.
  • Papermaking. Once the pulp is clean, it is then ready to be made into paper again. The pulp is mixed with water and other additives in order to make it stronger and improve its performance. The mixture goes onto a mesh screen so the water can drain away, leaving a layer of fibres behind. Pressing and drying are carried out to create new sheets of paper.
  • Conversion. The final stage of the paper recycling process is conversion. The paper undergoes cutting, rolling and finishing in order to create various types of paper products, including printing paper, cardboard, packaging materials and tissue paper. 

Contact us 

Now you know why recycling paper is so important, you may be looking to hire an eco-friendly skip hire service. To hire one of our mini skips in Washington or the surrounding area, call us on 0191 666 0167. Alternatively, send us a message via our website and we will aim to get back to you as quickly as we can. We’re on hand to tell you more about our skips and help you to book one for your next rubbish disposal project.

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